Same Illness Different Diagnosis

The picture on the mantelpiece falls over

The Priest says it’s God
The Ufologist says it’s an alien
The Medium says it’s a ghost
The Scientist says it’s gravity

Thunder Strikes

The Norse say it’s Thor
The Americas say it’s a bird
The Child says it’s God moving furniture
The Meteorologist says it’s rapidly expanding air

The patient presents with depression and chronic fatigue

The Neurologist says it’s a Previous Head Injury
The Psychologist says it’s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
The Rheumatologist says it’s Fibromyalgia
The Emergency doctor says it’s Somatoform Hypochondriasis

… Just Saying!

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Teddy Marsh

Teddy is a medical author, and is interested in aspects of medical law and legislation. He likes to challenge conventions, and write about the topics that most avoid or simply refuse to acknowledge. In his own words he states he "prefers the simplicity of unpolished honesty no matter how much it irritates"

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