My 26 Kg Ovarian Cyst – Keely Favell

This time last year I thought my biggest worry was not being able to go to my work Christmas party because I wasn’t thin enough to find an outfit to do so. little did I know that I was harbouring a medical alien!

After persistent nagging from both my Mother and my Manger at work, and following numerous black outs, struggles to breathe, and drastic weight gain, I finally plucked up the courage to go see my GP. Having grown up with a Dad as a doctor, I had become a bit of a medical coward, so seeing the GP was not my first option. I was also afraid that I would be dismissed as merely being fat, which, without surprise, was the GP’s initial diagnosis.

Eventually, after having had numerous blood tests all of which came back inconclusive, my GP decided I must be pregnant, despite never examining me and the pregnancy blood test coming back negative. looking at me, anyone would have assumed I was 9 months pregnant, so naturally they referred me to my local hospital for a pregnancy ultrasound.

Despite no examination and a negative blood test the GP told me I was pregnant

Boy did this open a can of worms! The ultrasound led to an emergency CT scan which showed I had a large ovarian mass. This led to me being referred to a High Risk Obstetrics Consultant. who told me that surgery was a must, and I would be cut open from my chest bone all the way down to my pelvic bone; pretty much like an old fashioned C-Section.

My world fell apart sat at the Consultant’s desk as he explained he was unable to confirm what it was exactly, or how big it was. He couldn’t say whether there was more than one and he couldn’t guarantee that it/they were not attached to other organs. He could, however, guarantee that I would lose one ovary, and if it had attached to other organs, my hospital stay could be up to a few months. I practically signed my life away and was told I would be sent for within 4 weeks. Sure to his word, I was having surgery exactly one month to the date.

Having not told my Momma Bear (whom resides in Australia) anything, for fear of worrying her, I gave in because who doesn’t need a Momma hug?! Within 2 days she was on my doorstep; my rock ❤. Sadly my Poppa Bear had to stay in Australia and hold down the fort, but no matter what the time difference he was always at the other end of the phone for support ❤😘.

The morning of my surgery

That dreaded day, 9th March 2017, came quicker than the blink of an eye. Absolutely petrified, I was handed the ugliest surgery gown known to man and a pair of surgery stockings; hot right?!

Much to my dismay, I put both the gown and stockings on and no sooner had I done so, the porter came to collect me. My whole body froze, knowing within moments they were going to stab me with the worlds biggest needle; this is not an exaggeration if you’ve seen people have an epidural before! Held down by two nurses so not to move whilst stabbing me, I literally thought I was dying; such a drama queen!

What would normally be a standard procedure, taking no more than 90 mins, turned into a 4-5 hour intense surgery. Having come round in the recovery suite, a folder was shown to me containing the photos that had been taken during my surgery. Still under the effect of the anaesthetic, I wasn’t really sure of where or who I actually was, and I didn’t take much of it in before I was trolled back to the ward.

The 26 Kg ovarian mass they removed from me

The shock on my family’s faces said it all; I was literally half the woman I was going down.

I was half the woman I was going down

Some hours later, the Consultant came to see me with a smile as big as a Cheshire cat. He had not been wrong in advising that he didn’t know the extent of the mass without opening me up. Without any major complications, he had removed a benign cyst weighing 26 Kg!! Yes, you read right, 26Kg. That’s just shy of 4 stone!

With a wound as big as they had anticipated and no other complications, I was home within 4 days.


The New Me x

My recovery since has been plain sailing and although there have been a few hiccups along the way, some of which are still yet to be sorted, I am now of much better health than that of last year. Both physically and mentally.

Without the help of my family, work family and friends my recovery may not have been as easy and I think myself lucky everyday for having such a great support network. I love you all, from the bottom of my heart ❤😘

Ask me a year ago and I would never have had the courage to share such photos of myself however, I am now learning (and sometimes failing) to be comfortable in my own body.

Love Keely xxx

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